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As an author and researcher, my work centers around intersectionality and critical psychology, with a particular emphasis on gender, sexuality, and violence. I teach, conduct original research, and provide counselling and consulting. Get in touch if you would like me to contribute to your journal, special issue, edited collection, or event.

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New Creative Non-Fiction Book Series

New Poetry Collection on Sexual Abuse

"In this poetry collection, Dr. Edwards invites us to share in their pain, their anger, and their confusion at living through sexual abuse. They creatively describe feelings of betrayal and abandonment, as well as standing up for themselves and finding moments of resistance." - Dr. Jem Tosh, Series Editor

Latest Book

The Body and Consent in Psychology, Psychiatry, and Medicine: A Therapeutic Rape Culture

This groundbreaking text interrogates the constructed boundary between therapy and violence, by examining therapeutic practice and discourse through the lens of a psychologist and a survivor of sexual abuse. 

It asks, what happens when those we approach for help cause further harm? Can we identify coercive practices and stop sexual abuse in psychology, psychiatry, and medicine? Tosh explores these questions and more to illustrate that many of the therapies considered fundamental to clinical practice are deeply problematic when issues of consent and sexual abuse are considered. 

Drawing on a wide range of comprehensive examples, including experiences and perspectives from cisgender and transgender men and women, as well as nonbinary and intersex people, this is essential reading for students and researchers of critical and queer psychology, gender studies, as well as mental health practitioners and social workers.


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"Tosh offers a liberating way forward to those who refused to be pathologised..."

- Dan Oudshoorn


New Lecture

Dystopian Futures and Virtual R*pe

Psygentra Online Learning Lecture

This lecture forms Part One of Dr. Jem Tosh's Feminism and Virtual Violence Event. From revenge p*rn to deepfakes, gamergate and the #MeToo movement, Jem analyses and explains the intersections of violence, feminism, and technology.

"Tosh's work exceptionally exemplifies the intersection of psychological and feminist knowledge to challenge the prevalence of violence and trauma amongst queer, trans, and nonbinary persons."

- Bidushy Sadika

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Perverse Psychology - Second Edition 

Updated, revised, and expanded - a bigger and better critique of psychology's pathologisation of gender nonconformity and normalisation of violence. Includes brand new analyses throughout.

"Highly original, closely argued, ingenious analysis."

- Professor Erica Burman


The (Critical) Psychology of Gender and Trauma

Dr. Jem Tosh is the Founding Director of Psygentra, an organisation that specialises in psychology, gender, and trauma. Through Psygentra, Jem offers counselling and consultations, education, conducts original research, and publishes academic and creative works.

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