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Writing Support Group

Writing can be an important part of academic work, activist labour, and personal and community healing. Yet we often don't have much time to dedicate to the task - despite the demand to constantly be producing written work. Whether it is online content for educating and advocating on social media or blog posts, to publications and grants to keep your job, it can seem like people want the writing but don't value the time needed to create it.

So we encourage you to protect your writing time, place boundaries around it, create your own rituals and space that put you in the best place and mindset to create. Because it doesn't matter if you're writing a grant proposal or a poem, how those words come together and what the message is will be unique to you and requires creativity.


We meet weekly and share what we would like to do with our protected writing time. This isn't about setting goals or targets, but enjoying having a space to think, reflect, read, and write - without pressure. We promote slow scholarship and crip time at psygentra, so find the joy in your work again with us, write with and for pleasure, here.


Groups run on Mondays at 2pm PST on Zoom with Dr. Jem Tosh.


The Writing Support Group is a drop-in format - no booking in advance required. All Psygentra Learner Members are sent the Zoom link prior to each session.

Members also get access to additional content, such as Autism and Gender Nonconformity, 6 Mistakes Academics Make When Writing About Trans People, and What is Genderfluidity?

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